Introducing the Kommerling Lift and Slide door systems

June 2017
Manitoba home owners can finally have their dreams realized with a truly impressive full glass operating wall. The Kommerling lift & slide door system. We have partnered up with Morden's Fentro Technologies to help manufacture, supply & install these incredible door systems.

Made to withstand Manitoba's harsh climate
The Kommerling line will be sold under the EntryMax™ brand name. The maximum size will be 9 1/2 feet tall by 21 ' feet wide. and it can be assembled in multiple configurations. So if you want to span forty feet, we simply assemble 2 twenty foot panels side by side.

Strength & Quality
Lift & Slide patio doors are constructed using PVC plastic reinforced with steel beams in the centre. They are engineered in Germany for exceptional quality & durability.

Triple Pane Glass
It's a triple pane window with 1/2" airspace of argon and a double low-e coating that controls solar passivity. So even though it's a very large window, it has the energy value that is rated to be used in the Manitoba market because of its energy efficiency against the cold.

Colour & Finish Options
The lift and slide patio door is available in 3 finishes including durable solar reflective paint in any colour, military grade foil wrap that comes in woodgrain or aluminum capping available in a range of select colours. Each finish has a completley unique look.

Come pay us a visit in our showroom for more information.

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