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Screen & Storm Doors

Storm-Tite, Wizard RetractaView & SecureView

Choose from a wide selection of storm doors, screen doors, and security screens.
Great quality products designed for both efficiency & safety.

Storm-Tite Storm Doors


Designed to withstand the extremes of our Canadian climate.

1.  Aluminum ConstructionCompletely resistant to moisture problems, Storm-Tite storm doors will not rot, warp or split.

2.  Reinforced Corner - Constructed with heavy-gauge exhausted aluminum corner reinforcements which solidly lock the frame together, providing unparalleled strength and durability.

3. Customization - Choose from seven door models, with options like keyed lock, dead bolt, and pull handles available in brass and satin silver.

4. PaintAvailable in standard white, one of the 26 factory coated colours, or match the colour to any sample or swatch.

RetractaView Screen Doors


The premium retractable screen door. Featuring a sleek modern design and the highest quality of components, RetractaView™ will not distract from the beauty of your door.

1.  Applications - Can be installed onto new or existing entry doors and garden doors. Custom configurations up to108" tall.

2.  GlideSmooth - RetractaViews GlideSmooth technology offers smooth operation and ensures screens will not buckle or twist.

3. Screens - Keep the bugs out with up to 4 different screen options including UV solar reflective, noseeum, and pet mesh.

4. Paint - Available in standard white, one of the 7 factory coated colours, 15 stain colors, or match the colour to any sample or swatch.


No bars, no grilles! Just security with a view! Ventilate your home without the fear of someone breaking in. SecuraView™ security screens deter home invasions while allowing you to maintain a stylish home.

1. Steel Mesh - Constructed with grade 316 stainless steel and a wire diameter of 0.8mm This marine grade, high corrosion resistant mesh comes powder coated in special formula ‘Mesh Black’ or ‘Clear Coat’

2. Aluminum Framing - SecuraView sceen frames are made with extruded 6063-T5 grade aluminum which is high strength and corrosion resistant.

3. Secure - Security screen doors feature a four point locking system and tamper proof hinges. Let in the breeze, keep out the thieves.


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