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Lift & Slide Door Systems

Kömmerling lift & slide doors make very large and flexible openings possible, with maximum light. Living rooms open onto the garden, terraces become living rooms.

Introducing the Kömmerling Lift and Slide door systems

Manitoba home owners can finally have their dreams realized with a truly impressive full glass operating wall. The Kömmerling lift & slide door system. We have partnered up with Morden's Fentro Technologies to help manufacture, supply & install these incredible door systems.
The Kömmerling line will be sold under the EntryMax™ brand name. The maximum size will be 9 1/2 feet tall by 21 ' feet wide. and it can be assembled in multiple configurations. So if you want to span forty feet, we simply assemble 2 twenty foot panels side by side.

Kommerling Profile

Durable & Reinforced

Engineered to achieve superior air, water and structural performance ratings. Technolgically advanced gasket to create an air & watertight system.

Sliding Door

Extra Large Openings

Each section can accomodate up to 21 feet by 9 1/2 feet tall & can be assembled side by side to maximize extra large openings.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

The durable hardware & unique lift & glide system make opening the door almost effortless.


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